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The Indiana Youth Rugby Foundation is a public entity complying with state and federal statutes of a 501(c)(3) public charity.

The IYRF supports amateur athletics with a geographical preference for Indiana and with particular emphasis on youth rugby football as played by primary, secondary, and collegiate male and female students. The Foundation believes that youth rugby is uniquely suited to instill social skills including teamwork, fair play, self-discipline, respect for authority, and individual leadership within a safe, enjoyable and competitive recreational sports experience.


The Foundation promotes the rugby tradition for youth in Indiana as a vehicle for personal growth.



Continue to develop rugby as a recognized youth sport option by providing opportunities for physical and mental growth through the global spirit and ethos of the sport.




  • Safety –Continue A Culture Of Safety By Providing Safe Environments; and an Intentional Focus on Education, Rugby Laws, And Player Techniques
  • Sportsmanship –Continue The Culture Of Respect For Self, Teammates, Opponents, Coaches, Officials, Parents, and Fans
  • Inclusive –Rugby For All
  • Fun –It’s A Game
  • Competition – It’s A Sport
  • Culture –In the Spirit of Sportsmanship Preserving the Culture of Global Rugby With Perseverance, Intensity, Passion, Patience, Mindfulness, and Adaptability.
  • Pathway Opportunities –Total Engagement By Encouraging Involvement With Cognate Rugby Organizations Like Adult Teams, Teams, Referees, Coaches, and Administrators


Youth rugby in Indiana was inaugurated in 1990 with the creation of a four team league in Indianapolis of about 100 male high-school participants. The Indiana Youth Rugby Foundation, a public 501-c (3) charity, was charted in 2000 to foster the overall growth of youth rugby in our state, and since then it has expanded to 78 teams from all regions of Indiana and includes approximately 1,650 boys and girls ages ranging from 8-18.

Since 2010 Rugby Indiana has seen dramatic growth in the youth game.  Our competitive league continues to grow at a rate of 10%+ every year.  We have introduced Rookie Rugby through in-classroom demonstrations to over 150 schools and 10,000 students.  Rugby Indiana has certified more than 200 new Rookie Rugby coaches.  


Rugby owes much of its appeal to its traditions which dictate that the game is played both to the letter and within the spirit of the Laws. It is the responsibility of coaches, captains, players, referees, administrators and fans to create an environment where the highest possible standards are promoted and maintained at all times on and off the field of play.

It is through discipline, control and mutual respect that the game flourishes and, in the context of a game as physically challenging as rugby, these are the qualities which forge the fellowship and sense of fair play so essential to the game’s ongoing success and survival.

These traditional values remain as important to rugby’s future as they have been throughout its long and distinguished past. The principles of rugby are the fundamental elements upon which the game is based and they enable participants to immediately identify the game’s character and what makes it distinctive as a sport.


As an affiliate of USA Rugby, and under the World Rugby umbrella, Rugby Indiana is also part of the World Rugby Playing Charter.

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Solidarity
  • Discipline
  • Respect

The World Rugby Playing Charter can be accessed by Clicking Here

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