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Fees & Refunds

Player Fees

  • USA Rugby Annual Membership Fee: $24.00
  • USA Youth & High School Rugby Annual Membership Fee: $11.00
  • Rugby Indiana Season Fees:
    • High School:
      • High School Fall 7s: $75.00
      • High School Fall Travel: $15.00
      • High School Spring 15s:  TBD
    • Youth
      • Spring Grades 7&8: TBD
      • Spring Grades 5&6: TBD
      • Spring Grades 2,3,&4: TBD
  • Club Season Fees: Set by the local club.

Rugby Indiana refunds

USA Rugby, USA Youth & High School Rugby, and Club fees belong to those respective organizations and are not refundable by Rugby Indiana.

Rugby Indiana Refund Policy

It is Rugby Indiana’s policy to not issue refunds, but there are 2 exceptions to this. Both refund exceptions, a written request outlining the reason(s) must be sent to the Executive Director, who will in turn have sole discretion determining the refund amount.:

  • First time players who have not attended more than 5 practices and/or have not attended a game and are in good standing with their club. In this case a player may receive a partial refund of their Rugby Indiana fees minus the $10 administrative fee.
  • In the event a player experiences Force Majeure, the player may receive a partial refund of up to 50% of their Rugby Indiana fees.
Season Suspension / Cancelation Due To Force Majeure

Player’s fees are allocated throughout the entire year to cover all the costs of the services that are needed to support the various rugby programs and leagues. This is a common practice, especially for non-profits. Throughout the year we host coaching and referee certification clinics, coaching development,  youth skills clinics, school PE training and grants, player welfare/safety monitoring and training, compliance monitoring of safety and other important policies, technology tools, club support, and so much more.  Because Force Majeure is difficult to predict in type, timing, and scope of impact, we are unable to determine in advance any amount of refunds may be issued, if any at all. If there are any refunds due to Force Majeure, they will be determined based on the type, timing, and scope of the event.

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