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Rugby Referees (match officials) are an important part of the game. In addition to keeping the score and the time, they work to ensure player welfare and a fair game for both teams. In fact, the World Rugby Laws state that the referee is the sole judge of fact and of Law during a match.

Referees receive training to World Rugby’s standards and receiving coaching development through the local referee organization. Just like players develop their skills through physical training, coaching, and their experiences playing the game, referees develop their skills through physical training, coaching, and their officiating experiences. In Indiana rugby referees are paid for their services. Referees in Indiana love being an official. It gives them an opportunity to share their love for the game by facilitating matches for others to play. Some enjoy it because they get to enjoy the match up close but without being tackled.

Becoming a referee is no difficult. It just requires interest, dedication, desire to do a good job, and be coachable. Anyone age 14 years or older is eligible. New referees are assigned matches based on their individual experience, skills, and by age for those who are ages 14-18. Often referees will start at youth matches and work their way up through the level of the leagues/divisions. Previous experience as a player or coach is helpful but not required. Several of the top referees in the world were not players or coaches.

When you become active with the referees, they will provide you with touch flags and a jersey.

Indiana’s referees would love for you to consider joining their team of officials.

Become An Official

To become a certified official individual must create an account inside Rugby Xplorer, and then register as a match official with their Rugby Indiana club or with the Indiana Rugby Referee Society. Once their account is created and they pay for their annual USA Rugby Membership, they will need to access the Learning Center to register for and complete the required courses.

Required to complete the L1 Certification:

  • Annual Background Check
  • SafeSport Training
  • Rugby Safety Basics – Free and Online.
    There are two modules.
    1) Rugby Ready
    2) Concussion Management for the General Public
  • Level 1 Referee Course – In Person Class, has a fee.

To Set Up Your Account Visit:
Video Tutorial To Set Up Your Account
Video Tutorial To Register