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Program Leaders, often know as Administrators, are the backbone of their rugby clubs. It does not matter if a club has a single administrator, several volunteers, or a formal club board and committees, the work to ensure a club is compliant with policies, to ensure it has the resources needed (pitch, equipment, etc), season planning, after-match socials, or year-end celebrations is just as important as the job of the team coach. A good administrator or administrative team ensures the club’s sustainability and allows the coach to focus on developing the game skills and abilities of the athletes.

Getting Started

Leader Registration

How to register

USA Rugby and Rugby Indiana are using Rugby Xplorer as its membership system.

Step 1 – Create a FREE Rugby Explorer account.  The account you will create will be for you (as the parent/guardian).

Step 2 – Register.   Click the first option, Participate in Rugby (Find a Club).  Select the person you are registering.  If that person’s name does not appear, then click “Link a new person” to add another person to your profile (make sure it is you that you are adding), and complete their profile.  When it asks for the club to register to type in the club name, and a list of clubs will populate. Be sure you select the correct one in “Indiana, Youth and HS Council.”  Complete the rest of the rest of the registration process and complete the payment.

Starting A Club / Team

  • New Team Application
  • New Team Equipment Grants
    • New teams starting in Rugby Indiana may receive an equipment grant to assist their starting. New teams should contact the Executive Director expressing interest in receiving the grant.
      • 5 rugby balls
      • Ball pump
      • Ball bag
      • Kicking T
      • 25 Cones
      • Pinnies/Bibs (18)


Rugby Xplorer App

This app is free and anyone can use it.  Grandparents, Cousins, etc can all follow your player’s team(s), get schedules,  scores, and more.  They just need to set up a free account to use the app. No need to register with a team

Insert links to IOS and Google Store Links to the Rugby Xplorer App

  1. How to add remove teams in the Rugby Xplorer App
  2. At the bottom of the app, click teams
  3. In the new window “My Teams” click the pink + on the upper right corner
  4. In the new menu that opens Click National.
    1. To remove teams click the pink check mark
    2. To add teams click the grey + sign
  5. Click USA Community Club
    1. Type in the club name(s) you want to add (you can add any club in the US that is using this system)
    2. To add them click the grey + next to their name
    3. To remove them click the pink checkmark

How to use the app

Option #1 – Click on teams at the bottom of the app, and you will now see all the teams you are following.

  • Click on one of your teams
  • Click On Fixtures and you can select each of that clubs teams to look at, see scores, etc.

Option #2 – Click on Comps

    • In the drop down near the top, select one of the many Rugby Indiana seasons
    • Fixtures & Results will allow you to see the results for each of the rounds in that season
    • Ladder (if part of that competition) will show you the standings for that league.


Register for Seasons – You can register yourself or your children for rugby seasons

  • Click more at the bottom right of the app
  • Click register
  • Click Participate in Rugby (find a club) and register like the process above outlines.

Rugby Xplorer Match Day App

Rugby Xplorer Match Day App This app is free used by coaches and club staff to manage rosters and keep match scores.

Try On Rugby Days

Rugby Indiana has been able to secure Liability Insurance for your Clubs to host Free Try Rugby Clinics and Multi-Day Camps. These are great recruiting tools for your program for the upcoming fall and spring seasons. And, you are insured and compliant!
  • All sessions must be tag/flag/touch
  • All participants must sign the Rugby Indiana Waiver
  • Camps and Clinics must be led and staffed by coaches with current (and in good standing) USA Rugby Coaching Membership
  • No Tackle
  • HS players or alumni can demonstrate but not “Lead” or “Coach”
  • Needs Rugby Indiana Approval
  • Need the Exact Name and Address of the Additionally Insured (this is the property owner, park dept, school, etc)
  • Need the exact business name and address of your rugby club
  • Available to Clubs in Rugby Indiana who are current, active, and in good standing
For more information and/or to secure your try rugby day – contact Rugby Indiana