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Rugby at Kuntz Stadium a Huge Success               

by SOK Global Sports

SOK Global Sports Elevates Rugby Indiana’s Summer Skills Event

In a showcase of dedication to fostering youth talent and promoting the growth of rugby, SOK Global Sports recently sponsored Rugby Indiana’s summer skills event. This much-anticipated event took place on Monday, 7th August, at Kuntz Stadium in Indianapolis. The event brought together passionate young athletes from all over the state, seasoned rugby veterans, and top-notch coaching for an unforgettable evening of skill-building, camaraderie, and celebration.

Empowering the Future Stars                 

The heart of the event lay in the coaching sessions designed to nurture the talents of high school rugby players. The evening kicked off with an hour-long session for girls’ high school players, followed by an equally invigorating hour for boys’ high school players. These coaching sessions were led by SOK’s, Will Magie. With his experience and expertise, Magie focused on refining essential rugby skills, including catch-pass techniques, attacking execution, and strategic gameplay.

Taking Skills to the Field

The coaching sessions reached their pinnacle in small-sided conditioning games. These engaging match scenarios allowed players to seamlessly integrate the skills they had honed during the coaching sessions into real-game situations. It was a testament to the effectiveness of the event’s structure that the players exhibited not only improved technical abilities but also an enhanced understanding of strategic gameplay.

Learning from the Best                                     

One of the highlights of the event was an interactive Q&A session featuring some of Indiana’s most esteemed rugby players: Bryce Campbell, Alli Hale, Mike Shepherd, and Jonas Petrakopoulos. This panel of accomplished athletes shared their personal journeys, insights, and advice, inspiring the young players with tales of dedication, perseverance, and the profound impact that rugby can have on character development. Highly esteemed collegiate and high performance coaches, along with adult club teams, were also present at the event. Notable figures such as John Harley from Marian University Men’s Rugby, Vaughn Mitchell from Indiana University Women’s Rugby, Eddie Abel from Midwest Thunderbirds Rugby, as well as representatives from White River Rugby Club and Indianapolis Impalas, graced the occasion. This presented an incredible opportunity for high school students to engage with these coaches, who possess the knowledge and connections to provide them with further opportunities on their rugby journeys.

A Flavorful Social Finale

Following the exhilarating evening of training and learning, participants were treated to a well-deserved social gathering. The event concluded with Gordito’s Taco truck stationed on-site, satisfying appetites and offering a platform for players, coaches, and attendees to unwind, connect, and share their experiences.

SOK Global Sports’ sponsorship of Rugby Indiana’s summer skills event underscores the company’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of rugby stars. By providing a platform for skill development, mentorship, and shared enthusiasm, the event has not only elevated the players’ understanding of the game but also fostered a sense of community within Indiana’s rugby landscape. This event stands as a shining example of how sports can unite, inspire, and shape lives for years to come.

We would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation to Wayne Eells, the Executive Director for Rugby Indiana, for organizing this incredible event. Additionally, we would like to express our gratitude to Indy Parks, Gatorade, and Next Phase Rugby for their support in fostering the growth of youth and high school rugby in our state.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following organizations for their unwavering support in making professional rugby a reality in Indiana.

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